Tips for Stress Free Holiday? This Can Help!

by | Apr 27, 2018

The May holiday season is coming! While that means lots of good things like family gatherings, tasty meals and shopping, it can also mean stress! From dealing with family members who challenge your nerves, to trying to plan the perfect trip, to getting stuck in a traffic jam on the highway, holidays aren’t always as relaxing as we’d like them to be.

Although you might not be able to eliminate family dysfunction or holiday blues here’a a few soothing ways to give your brain a short vacay!
1. Meditation
Who knew that holiday zen took just a few quiet breaths? Meditation is a powerful de-stressing tool any time of year, but when you’re rushed during the holidays it can be the perfect way to center and relax. And the best part? You can do it anywhere. All you have to do is take a few deep, slow breaths, focusing completely on your inhale and exhale. Yep, that’s meditation!
Meditation reduces stress & fosters clear thinking + increases our capacity for empathy and compassion.It improves concentration. Most become more centered and focused in everything they do.It encourages a healthy lifestyleThe practice increases self-awareness. …It increases happiness.Meditation increases acceptance. …It slows aging.The practice benefits cardiovascular and immune health.冥想可以减少压力,促进清晰思考+增强我们的同情心和怜悯心冥想可以改善注意力。“我更加专注于自己做的每件事…”冥想引起健康的生活方式冥想可以增强自我意识冥想使人更开心冥想可以增强接纳性冥想减缓衰老冥想有利于心血管和身体免疫健康
2.Send Out Good Vibes
Before you roll into your family gathering or office party, take five minutes in a quiet space. Close your eyes and visualize the people that will be in the room celebrating. Imagine everyone having a good time, sharing, and laughing. Keep this image of the group in your mind (including yourself!) while silently reciting the following loving-kindness phrases for everyone.
Find the silence among the noise. Find the silence in the noise. The background in which the noise is taking place is silence. Be present with that silence. Focus on the silence, be attentive, and be present with it.
3. Listen to your favorite music
There’s an impressive amount of scientific research on how effective music is for changing our brain state and reducing the experience of stress.
It used to be thought that classical music held a monopoly on this, but more recent research suggests any music you find pleasurable will create positive brain changes — improved memory, improved mood, and improved immunity, to name just a few benefits.
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4. Enjoy
4. 享受
Lastly, take time out of each day for yourself to enjoy some of the wonderful sensory aspects of the holidays, from the smell and warmth of a mug of hot chocolate or cider pressed into your palm to the sounds of a holiday standard on the radio on your drive home, or just the crackle of wrapping paper as you fold it around a gift. Feel the entire moment, Salzberg says, without multi-tasking. These tiny acts “break the momentum” of holiday stress so we “feel fulfilled and don’t feel so restless or agitated.”


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