Grammy Winner Dana Leong & TEKTONIK AnnounceMasters Degree Scholarship for Disaster Relief at Asian Institute of Management

From left to right: Dr. Christopher Monterola, Dr. Maria Luisa Delayco Masaki Mitsuhashi (Recipient, TEKTONIK Scholarship), Dana Leong (Chairman, TEKTONIK Music) Dr. Jikyeong Kang (President and Dean, Asian Institute of Management), Maoi Antonia Odelia Arroyo, Bryan Cabrera

Manila, Philippines, Jan 10, 2019 –

TEKTONIKmusic.org, a global arts based social entrepreneurship focused on marrying music with wellness initiatives, announces their commitment to support a full-tuition scholarship for a master’s degree candidate working in development and marketing disaster relief technologies in the Social Entrepreneurship Program at Manila’s top business school, the Asian Institute of Management.

Of the monumental gift, TEKTONIKmusic.org Chairman & 2x Grammy Winning Musician Dana Leong said, “This is truly a dream come true to see how our (TEKTONIK) music initiative is now supporting the education of a business person making such valuable societal change!” This year’s TEKTONIK Scholarship Candidate is Philippines born Masaki Mitsuhashi, who will focus on children centered community led climate change adaptation disaster risk reduction innovations.