TEKTONIK Musicology at Fudan FISF

by | Jan 28, 2019

Announcing immediately! Multi-Grammy Awardee Dana Leong joins adjunct faculty of Fudan Fanhai International School of Finance in a unique role sharing TEKTONIK’s talent leadership philosophies. Dana Leong & TEKTONIK will help create course curriculum for the masters degree program and it’s new C.A.R.E program which focusses on arts and culture within a business framework. We are thrilled to be affiliated with this globally recognized institution as well as bringing our own values which embrace music and wellness in society.


This comes at a remarkable concurrence of times when we are simultaneously announcing the TEKTONIK Talent Leadership Program Applications www.TTLP.world for top performing teenagers around the world to collaborate on arts based social media business ideas in July of 2019! Top level artists, business leaders & mentors from international networks such as TED and the World Economic Forum Young Global Leaders Community such as Soulaima Gourani, Maoi Arroyo and TEKTONIK founder Dana Leong will all shape and execute this year’s inaugural program. Please see www.TTLP.info



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