TEKTONIK Music & Grammy Winning Artist Dana Leong Releases “GAIA” After Two Years of Mountain Isolation

by | Sep 30, 2022

Nagano, Japan, September 9, 2022 – TEKONIK Music, the pioneer in healing musical compositions, created “GAIA” to fight fire with faith in a world embroiled in political dramedy and doom filled shouting matches. “GAIA” is an album of powerfully meditative and spiritual music which heals and sustains the souls of those it touches. Led by Grammy award-winning sonic architect Dana Leong, TEKTONIK Music has been globally recognized for creating music and visual art as a vehicle to bring healing and hope to people negatively affected by disaster and trauma. The full-length album “GAIA” is a potent, mesmerizing musical tapestry woven from spiritual sounds and traditional instruments blended masterfully with new electronic beats. “GAIA” was born in the remote mountains of Japan where Leong was one of the first foreigners to live in the region in over 200 years. In a world suffering from both natural disasters and political discord TEKTONIK Music has a mission to reinforce positivity and resilience through art. The core quartet is made of Dana Leong from China and Japan – cello, composer, Neel Murgai from India – sitar, Sameer Gupta from India – tabla, and DJ Val-Inc from Haiti – turntables & electronics. The album features appearances by artists from over 10 countries, including Grammy Nominated vocalist Keali’i Reichel from Hawaii, Max Pollak from New York and Yumi Kurosawa from Japan. Links to all major digital platforms at https://linktr.ee/TEKTONIKmusic

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