TEKTONIK & Dana Leong Perform AMTD Davos 50th Anniversary

by | Jan 20, 2020

January 2020 marks the 50th Davos Congress of the World Economic Forum. Traditionally a highly curated cross section of world leaders from over 100 countries covering all sectors of leadership, the congress focuses on everything from the world’s latest innovations, sustainable business goals & even a Crystal Arts Award for artists making a positive global impact.

TEKTONIK, led by Grammy Musician Dana Leong will create 3 featured performances during their 2nd return to the congress this year, blending their signature classic meets electronic sounds. We are ecstatic by the fact that the forum’s members place music for wellness (and cello music moreover!) at such an integral place, during the most exclusive leadership gathering on earth. Here’s a short behind the scenes video of Dana’s test run of the iconic China Anthem “My Motherland”.

Follow the journey for further updates soon!


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