Music Wellness at Super Corp Suning?!

by | Nov 7, 2018

An incredible and surreal experience creating the music for Chinese Super Corporation Suning’s latest company party! Suning has 1600 physical stores in China and Japan with its top three being B2C e-commerce platforms exceeding more than 3 million SKU. They’ve even acquired Italian football club “Football Club Internazionale Milano” in 2016.
While the wellness industry is booming around the world in areas of neurotech, healthy dieting, crossfit, meditation apps and more, we were so blown away at the scale and openness of this massive event and the fact that they wanted to use music as a mode to heal and inspire their top clients and employees.
Throughout the evening, the TEKTONIK Trio led by Dana Leong comprised of Chico Tian and DJ Alicia performed a wide gamut of repertoire from uplifting electronic mixes like “Isobel” to warm enveloping harmonious ballads such as “Constellations”.
Over 7,000 people voted this picture of Dana’s costume as the number one photo of the night!!
Dana Leong christens the event with shareholders and Suning President of Commerce.
Stay tuned for more high quality videos from the event. Let us know what you think about the evolution of corporate culture especially with regards to employee wellness!
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