Music CAN Improve State of Wellbeing & Focus! Here’s How!

by | Apr 13, 2018

Welcome back to TEKTONIK!
Today’s post is about self-awareness.
Do you have moments of silence throughout the day, or do you fill the time with constant sound? What kind of noise fills your mind—music you love and know, or just something to break the silence?
Whether you know it or not, the types of music you listen to spark different ways of thinking, and certain compositions can boost one’s self-awareness.
1. First of All, What is Self-awareness?
If we refer to the dictionary (Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary), self-awareness is defined as: an awareness of one’s own personality or individuality.
Self-awareness is your ability to look within and acknowledge your thoughts and individuality.

When you look in the mirror, you’d probably think, “that’s me.”
And of course it is you. But with self-awareness you go deeper.
It’s not only the ability to acknowledge your physical self; also your unity with creation — your consciousness.
2. How To Enhance Self-Awareness
Some ways to enhance your self-awareness are: learning how others perceive you; being videotaped or recorded; being in front of an audience; and meditation. You learn more about yourself by reflecting on the consequences of your thoughts and actions.

Many studies have found that familiar songs enhance mood, relieve stress and reduce anxiety in patients with Alzheimer’s, perhaps because musical memory is often spared even when a patient has declined to a low level of cognition. Two new studies find that familiar music also improves cognitive symptoms in the disease.

Familiar music may be a safe and effective way to help patients with Alzheimer’s become more self-conscious, which improves overall mental processing and leads to a more accurate examination of the world.
Our hope is that through the quiet power of music and other pure art forms, we can know ourselves more deeply and therefore be more interesting to ourselves and the people around us. Music that inspires contemplation supports the idea of being with yourself, being still, and not running from your thoughts if you are feeling alone.

Everybody wants to be liked and accepted but if you’re not, you have to look within to see what’s putting people off. Self awareness can also be gained by listening to yourself on a recording or watching yourself on video.
If anything is going to change on the outside, improvements need to be made on the inside first. It all begins with self-awareness.
3. Different Types of Music for Focus
1. Classical Music 古典音乐
The ornate instrumentation and composition of Baroque classical musicgets a lot of attention for its possible mind-boosting effects.


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