Healing Music Streams into Dozens of Hospitals as Thousands Recover from Covid-19

by | May 31, 2020

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”- Plato

Mindfulness & Wellness Playlist by TEKTONIKmusic.org


The final patients in Wuhan are discharged and the 20+ hospitals which stream TEKTONIKmusic’s healing playlist can now move back to regular procedures.  By no means is the pandemic over, nor is our work to create more peace across the globe.

As we wake each morning around the world, only to be met by a stream of challenging news, let’s not forget to make positive waves and spread positive news.  The number of infection cases as well as deaths continue to rise globally as experts race to develop a vaccine and balance re-opening of communities and economies.

Music is more than a universal language, it has been proven numerous times to also be an important modality for psychological and inner healing.

At the beginning of March, the Provincial Heart Association issued an invitation to the world asking for content to help brighten the day of those in recovery. Two-time Grammy Award-winning musician Dana Leong, along with Chinese mindfulness meditation masters Tong Huiqi, Li Yanhui, and Ma Shuhua gathered together to collaborate on creating a music healing collection that which has been streaming in the recovery rooms in over 20 hospitals in China and many more across the world. For many, it brings spiritual comfort and clarity and encourages meditation while easing minds. If you or anyone you know is feeling anxious and in need of alleviation of stress, please have a listen and or share this playlist using the hashtag #HarmonyHeals.

TEKTONIK has provides music and support and education for those who are affected by trauma & disaster. The music is created with proceeds from live performances, workshops, motivational events, and streaming music, all but one which have been currently halted.  If you are compelled to donate to furthering our cause, any amount is appreciated.

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