Fearlessly Grab Your Dreams!

by | Feb 7, 2019

We can’t afford to keep our creative lives hidden. Souls need to express themselves. We were born to share. I started playing piano when I was 3. I trained hard, performed and entered competitions, every one of which I lost. I began associating “losing” with humiliation and being a bad musician. I allowed the instrument to disempower me and lost all joy for music.

I believe this creative urge lives in us all. For some, it’s simply lying dormant waiting to be awakened. If there’s something you’d like to explore, I highly encourage you to read a book on the topic or sign up for a class. Don’t just leave it sitting.
No matter what doors are closed on us, we cannot abandon our passions!
Being an artist has little to do with perfection and more to do with becoming conscious. Poets, painters, dancers & musical creators, whether they know it or not, are healers and messengers of truth. I’m probably the billionth person to say this, but music is a universal language: it unites souls and allows us to connect, communicate and rise above our differences.
We’re doing a huge service for the world when show up and share our truth, our gifts, our passions with others. I feel this could be how we create heaven on earth.

Aya & DJ Qbert Jam on a Ragtime Theme. Enjoy!
Aya Matsuba is a pianist, healer, intuitive & forever student.


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