Dana Leong’s Silent Concert – A huge success!

by | Mar 19, 2018

Last week Dana Leong celebrated his birthday on a high note with his first outdoor concert and the release of his first album!
上周,Dana Leong以他首次露天音乐会和发布首张新专辑的方式庆祝了自己的生日!

Celebrating Dana’s much anticipated “Anthems of Life” album, the two-time Grammy Award-winning musician brought together top musicians, lighting artists, and Chinese dancers at the historic Yongfoo Elite in central Shanghai. This open-air, public, one-of-a kind mix of music and theatrics did not disappoint!
为了庆祝和纪念Dana期待已久的“Anthems of Life”专辑,这位两次荣获格莱美音乐奖得主将顶级音乐家、灯光艺术家和现代舞者聚集在上海中部具有历史意义的雍福会。这场独一无二的乐器和电子灯光露天组合果然不负众望!

In his signature style, interweaving genres (from spiritual elements, to electronic music with experimental jazz, funk, pop, rock, and hip-hop), Dana did not deviate from his passion for collaboration. For the sold out crowd of 300+ fans in attendance, Dana performed compositions composed with world-famous musicians DJ Q-Bert and Ryuichi Sakamoto. Embracing music, energy, and dance, the concert was not only celebratory, but inspiring and invigorating.
除了他将电子音乐与爵士、放克、流行、摇滚和嘻哈交织在一起的风格之外,Dana并没有偏离与他人合作的热情。为了到场的300名粉丝,Dana表演了由世界著名音乐家DJ Q-Bert和Ryuichi Sakamoto制作的作品。欣赏音乐、能量和舞蹈,这场音乐会不仅是庆祝活动,也是鼓舞和振奋人心的活动。

As a result, the enthused audience cheered during the opening notes of nearly every song. While new songs like “Bonefied” and “One Life” were crowd-pleasers, the entire performance was evidence of Dana’s distinctive sound and mesmerizing combination of electronic rhythms and dance-inducing beats. The core of compositions like “Opus One” and “Constellations” consisted of cadences that resonated deeply with fans and left them wanting more.
于是,几乎每首歌曲开场时,热情的观众都欢呼雀跃。虽然新歌如“Bonefied”和“One Life”深受观众喜爱,但整个表演都证明了Dana独特的声音和电子节奏与舞蹈诱惑节拍的迷人组合。“Get Up”和“Live Vibe”等作曲的核心部分包含了与歌迷产生深度共鸣的节奏,这是一场欲罢不能的音乐会。

One of the highlights of the two-hour concert was “Black & White.” This version was far more impressive than ever, surpassing expectations in terms of the tonalities and emotions. For those accustomed to Dana’s typical performances, where spontaneity rules and all gestures are larger than life, this one rivaled!
这场两小时的音乐会有一个亮点就是“Black & White”。这个版本比以往任何版本都更加令人印象深刻,超越了人们对音调和情绪的期望。对于那些习惯了Dana的典型表演——率性演出,酷炫姿势和造型,这一次毫不逊色!

Not a moment was dull, it was a magical moment in Shanghai history. Also noteworthy, a beautiful open air venue, fit for a exceptional birthday celebration and stamp in the journey of one of the greatest musicians, performers and songwriters.
Set List of “Anthems of Life”
“Anthems of Life”歌单

Another Perfect Catastrophe
Big Up
Opus 1 (Why I Cry)
One Life
Free Drinks for 50 (Interlude)
Get Up
Live Vibe
2971 A.D.
Inner Visions
Heirs of the Dragon 龙的传人 – 李建復-龍的傳人 (官方完整版)
Black & White

Dana Leong: Performer, Composer, Producer
Dr. Charles Chang – MC Intro:
Yvonne Li – Voice
希有演艺工作室- Wuxi Temple Dancers
DJ Ms. K – Turntables
Chico Tian – Voice
Uche Sam – Rapper
Production Team: Akihiro Tanida – lighting design
Julio Morales – sound engineer
Zoe Zhang – TEKTONIK Team Tolmao Group – Marketing
or the full photo album of the event, please visit Tektonik Music Facebook page or Dana Leong Weibo page.
音乐会完整的相册,将可以在Dana Leong Facebook页面或Dana Leong微博页面下载。
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