Benefits of Breathing Exercises During Coronavirus –
This Works!!

by | May 15, 2020

Hi everybody Dana Leong here with here to bring you another video in our “Mindfulness & Wellness” series which includes basic mental & physical health, tips and music content that you can take with you and practice very easily on your own and share with others who may benefit at this time. Please check back often as we are doing our best to keep up new and useful music wellness content during these baffling times.

There is a technique in yoga breathing called Ujayi, or in English “fire breathing” that is beneficial for expelling toxins and also keeping your throat clear. As you know now is a time when maintaining a healthy functional respiratory system is absolutely paramount.

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While social distancing and ultimately staying home is the best way to slow the curve, exercise is probably the best possible combat against any sickness as well as the best way to boost your immunity and it’s FREE! Breathing to your fullest capacity will not only be beneficial to your overall physical performance, it will also detoxify your body, lower your stress levels and can be done just about anywhere.

Let’s get started. The first step to any breathing exercise is to focus on your full lung and diaphragm capacity. So while I explain this, you can begin with a few slow deep breaths. For those who don’t know, your diaphragm is a large muscle surrounding your waist/abdomen area that helps raise and lower your lungs. Those of you who love to sing and or play an instrument that requires your breath will already have heard this from your teachers. “Breathe from your diaphragm”. All this means is while you breathe, make sure your gut area is relaxed and also expanding to its maximum capacity as you breathe.

Step 1. Practice breathing in through your mouth and out through your nose. If you have a stuffy nose or a cold feeling in your throat, you can experiment with opening your mouth slightly on the exhalation. The idea here is to think of fogging a window with your breath which essentially slows the air as well as heating it up.

Step 2. Keep your inhalation nice and slow and deep, and on the exhale raise the back of your tongue so it closes your throat a bit. You should be able to hear your breath a lot more now like this. Again, if you have trouble exhaling through your nose, feel free to experiment with creating a small opening in your mouth.

That’s it! As we said earlier, this style of breathing is not only beneficial to people practicing Yoga to be able to hold poses deeper and longer, stress relief etc., but when you can control this slow hot breath, it can also help re-hydrate a dry/sore throat and bring plenty of oxygen back to your brain and body. If you have pain in your body you may try concentrating on channeling oxygen to that part of your body. I’m not a doctor, however I do know plenty of people including myself who have benefitted greatly from this breathing practice during meditation, when I feel a slight sickness coming on, when I have stress or headaches, insomnia (doing this is better than tossing and turning for sure) or when I feel like I need to slow down stage fright or edgy heart and nerves. Let us know if you have any variations on this and how it makes you feel.

In the meantime, let’s try 30 breaths together with some calming TEKTONIK music and please don’t forget to like, comment, subscribe and most importantly certainly SHARE with everyone as this exercise is so very important at this time. Peace!

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