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Science, Music Therapy and Hawaiian Hula Uniting In China? Yes!

It’s believed that music has been used since practically the beginning of time to help humans deal with difficult feelings and better connect to one another. 人们相信音乐从一开始就被用来帮助处理复杂感情并能促进相互交流。 What is music therapy? 什么是音乐疗法? According to the American Music Therapy Association, “Music Therapy is the clinical and evidence-based use of music interventions […]

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揭秘格莱美音乐家的朋友圈 So Proud of our (Famous) & Talented Friends!

Grammy Festival 2018 2018 格莱美音乐节 China’s music scene is continuously expanding and thriving, as musicians continue to innovate with their creations. 在音乐家不断创新与创造下,中国音乐在这几年不断地发展。 The enterprising spirit of the Chinese has resulted in the much anticipated news; Grammy is expanding into China! The Grammy Festival will be happening at Beijing’s ChangYang Music […]

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Music CAN Improve State of Wellbeing & Focus! Here’s How!

Welcome back to TEKTONIK! Today’s post is about self-awareness. Do you have moments of silence throughout the day, or do you fill the time with constant sound? What kind of noise fills your mind—music you love and know, or just something to break the silence? 在你一天中有安静的时间吗,或者是你会用外界声音来填补这些安静的时间吗?你的脑子里会充斥什么样的声音——你喜欢的或熟知的音乐,或者是其他一些打破宁静的声音? Whether you know it […]

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